Meier’s Pharmacy – 3 month PioneerRx to Salesforce Integration

Proposal For Meier’s Pharmacy – PioneerRx to Integration

Integration between PioneerRx and utilizing the Trackland platform.  Intent is to centralize all customer information and automate marketing channels to customers.

Trackland is pleased to provide this proposal of services to Meier’s Pharmacy.  This proposal anticipates all services and products necessary to help Meyer’s Pharmacy sync the data from its disparate pharmacy systems to Salesforce through Trackland.  This will provide Meier’s Pharmacy a centralized CRM of customer data where interactions can be automated.  It will also provide Meier’s Pharmacy with multiple branded websites for each physical pharmacy and single online pharmacy.  These websites will be ecommerce websites that can receive payments and provide shipping information. 

Solution Architecture

The diagram below demonstrates the architecture that will be utilized to provide Meier’s with a CRM that is kept up to date with PioneerRx data.  Trackland is a platform that makes syncing data between Salesforce and other systems much easier and will be used between the PioneerRx Syncing Service that will be built by Trackland and  

Time Line and Commitments

The engagement of Trackland by Meyer’s Pharmacy is for three months.  The various parts of the solution will be built according to the anticipated timeline.

First Month

  • Syncing Service:  Designing, building, testing and debugging the PioneerRx syncing service that trackland will need to build. This task will require a great deal of care to ensure the PioneerRx application is not affected in anyway.
  • Configuring Salesforce:  In concert with building the Sync Service, Trackland will set up and configure

Second Month

  • Finish Sync Service:  Sync Service is completed.
  • Choose SMS Service In In concert with Meier’s Pharmacy, Trackland will install, configure and test different SMS solutions.
  • Multi-Ecommerce Website Development: Development of the multi-ecommerce websites will be done using WordPress.  Site’s will be branded according to individual pharmacies and receive pharmacy specific data from Salesforce. 

Third Month

  • Continue Testing Sync Service:  Sync Service continues to be tested.
  • Finalization Of SMS Service: SMS service is chosen and setup is completed.
  • Finalization of Multi-Ecommerce Websites: Client info retrieval and ecommerce checkouts finished and tested.
  • Connect To All Pharmacies: System Sync is connected to other pharmacies.

Financial Commitment

Below is a package that contains the different financial parts of this package.  The license is an annual purchase.  Trackland will take care of purchasing the license.  The month cost for the PioneerRx Sync Service that Trackland will build covers server costs, bug fixes and technical support.   If you are happy with the proposal and would like to proceed, please purchase the package below. 

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