Trackland for

Small Businesses

Salesforce provides a way for third-party systems to interact with their platform, very similar to Microsoft access directory. It’s a way to give users from a third-party system a corresponding user in the Salesforce platform. Trackland is a third-party user interface built specifically for Salesforce to allow users to have a spreadsheet tailored experience while still taking advantage of all the customization, automation, reporting and auditing that the Salesforce platform provides. 

Getting Started

Trackland is as simple as it gets, one click syncs your Salesforce data to Trackalnd.

If your organization does not have Salesforce start here. 

Your company will require one Salesforce Enterprise Licence - $2k billed annually

Trackland licences for anyone - $50/ per user billed monthly

How is Trackland 1/3 the cost of Salesforce?

Trackland uses our own technology to access the Salesforce database and structure, but rather than giving the suite of tools to every person in your organization we run one Salesforce licence that that gives your emplyees access to Trackland but we harness the database brilliance that is Salesforce.  

  • One Salesforce Licence
  • Up to 100 Trackland Users

Details: There’s no fine print, no exclusions, no limit to customization. If it’s available in Salesforce you can do it in Trackland.  

I’ve heard you need a Certified Salesforce Admin if your going to be on the Salesforce CRM?

Hiring a full time Salesforce Admin can be helpful when running your organization on Salesforce but it can be expensive and prohibative for many small businesses. Trackland offers different customization set up packages with a cerfified Salesforce Admin and we are always avilable for more customization work as needed, giving you the flexibility of an outsouced Salesforce Admin. 

  • Salesforce offers many out of the box features and functionalities that can meet the needs of many businesses. These features can be used without any customization and still provide value to the organization. However some businesses may require specific customizations to meet their unique business requirements. 
  • Customizations can range from simple configurations, such as adding a custom field or creating new reprots, to complex workflows and integrations with other systems. The need for customizations also depends on the size of the organization, the complexity of it’s business processes and the goals it wants to achive with Saeleforce. 

Let Trackland help you save money on licences and set up costs

Talk to a certified Salesforce Admin for free

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