We’re Kind of Like A Professional Trainer For Operations

Let’s cut to the chase! It’s time you were winning at the grow and scale game and your team needs a W soon. Salesforce services such as Sales Cloud and Service Cloud can transform your business when done right. But like any elite piece of equipment, it can be hard to use without a proper fit and training. Fitting that elite Salesforce CRM to your business is where the Trackland team of CRM specialists shines!

Let our team of Salesforce developers and configuration specialists step in as your on-demand Salesforce solution. We help tailor a custom data structure, effective automation, and key reporting in Salesforce to streamline all your workflows. With the ease of use that the Trackland UI offers your team members will be high-fiving and chest bumping their way to complete CRM adoption.

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How We Help

We understand a lot of Salesforce configuration specialists like to get in and out quickly. That may work for many companies, but at Trackland we’ve had more success working with teams over time. For most clients we spend six to eight months developing a system using the following process:

Assess and assemble team workflows

By focusing on how the work gets done we can determine what’s effective and what’s not. We can build data structures to support what’s working, and introduce new workflows to fill gaps.

Define and develop key metrics

As workflows are standardized and adopted, we help define the measurements for each part of your business. Using the Salesforce reporting engine, we provide configurable dashboards right inside of Trackland so your people can get the feedback they need to grow.

Create automation and connect systems

Once we understand the workflows, and they begin to harden, it’s time to automate. Using Salesforce’s Apex, Flows and Process Builder automation tools we can connect many disparate systems directly into Salesforce and speed up all processes with increased accuracy.

Rinse and repeat

This is the most important part!