The Salesforce platform extension to create portals

Trackland provides unmatched Salesforce-integrated portals for clients, employees and parters, ensuring you can do what others say can’t be done. 

Start Simply

Every business needs to enhance employee productivity, engage customers and  increase channel ROI. Trackland can help you achieve these goals by building a comprehensive portal tailored to your needs.

Customer Portals

Build stronger relationships with your customers through Trackland’s tailored customer portals. Our portals bridge the gap between external customer interfaces and Salesforce, deep integration provides a smooth, cohesive user experience that aligns with your internal processes. Don’t settle for fragmented systems; choose Trackland for a comprehensive solution. 

Employees Share


Real-Time inventory updates, visual inventory tracking, automated replenishment notifications, order and inventory synchronization, mobile access to inventory and customizable product options are just a few of the industry specific options available as you customize a portal for your employees to work better, collaborate together resulting in an effective workforce. 

Partner Relationship Management Portals

Partners can utilize automated workflows called Tracks to understand their data movement and make a larger impact. Automate and streamline key processes such as deal registration, lead management, and sales tracking to reduce overhead and increase efficiency. Integrations like RingCentral incorporate communication tools directly into the portal, facilitating better connectivity and engagement with partners. 

A Simple Solution

Who’s Using Trackland

Tanner uses Trackland along side Salesforce. With a complex financial practice built right into Salesforce Tanner turned to Trackland for a simpler experience for many of its users. 

Truss provides its members an unparralleled connecting experience using Trackland’s EventConnection platform.  Trackland’s spreadsheet UI helps Truss’s staff work with large amounts of data with ease.

Gift Hounds tracks inventory in Trackland’s SimpleInventory system. A Trackland Portal makes custom gift building easy with all inventory and pricing calculators at gift builders’ fingertips.

Specialty Oil keeps track of every step in the production life of a barrel of CBD oil they produce. They do it in Trackland’s SimpleInventory system.